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macOS VPN Client 

Easy to install and quickly operationnal, the macOS VPN Client ensures secure connections for remote workers. TheGreenBow macOS VPN Client is an IPsec/IKEv2 and SSL VPN Client. It allows to configure and to open VPN tunnels with any IKEv2/SSL gateway on the market. It enables secure remote connections to the enterprise information system.

Full Control
 TheGreenBow VPN Client allows for full control of any VPN configuration; parameters like Authentication algorithms, Traffic Selectors, DPD, fragmentation, ... are easily adjusted. You will be able to connect over the most demanding networks with the most secure VPN gateways.

Management options
Securely importing and exporting even advanced VPN configurations, even to or from other platforms has never been easier. TheGreenBow VPN Client allows to securely import and export advanced configurations. Configurations can be exchanged with the clients for Android, Linux, iOS and Windows.